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ANBI Status - In process

Chapter Zero Netherlands: ANBI Status - We are currently in the process of processing approval for ANBI status

Tax deductions

As a non-profit organisation, donations and contributions to Chapter Zero Netherlands will be tax deductible if ANBI status is approved. You can read exactly how this works on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Annual report and annual accounts

According to the rules of the tax authorities, Chapter Zero Netherlands is obliged to share certain information publicly. Examples of this are the annual plan and the annual accounts. These will be made available in April 2024.

Who we are (organization)Chapter Zero Netherlands

What we do (objective) - Developing and mobilizing a network of well-informed people board members, aimed at but not limited to (i) non-executive and executive directors of companies, (ii) directors of charities or non-profit organizations, (iii) senior management of government agencies, all established or active in the Netherlands and, (iv) experts, advisors, and other board influencers, to think about strategies and business actions on climate change and its consequences.

How to reach us (contact details) - View our contact page

Tax number - RSIN number 864698008

This is our board - Administration

What we stand forOur Ambition

Remuneration Policy

Members of the Board receive no remuneration in respect of the work performed by them in that capacity, other than reimbursement of expenses incurred

and a non-excessive attendance fee.