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Company Memberships

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We are happy to welcome Non-Executive Directors and Supervisory Board Members of companies in the Netherlands who want to learn, participate and drive climate action in their boardrooms.

Becoming a part of our community means being a part of a professional network that gives you access to a wealth of practical knowledge; trainings, workshops, roundtables and events that are designed to equip you with the right (corporate governance) tools and expertise to engage with, and act on climate action.

Membership of Chapter Zero Netherlands is an access subscription only. Would you like to subscribe or need more information, then fill in the form below and we will contact you!


Why join Chapter Zero as a company?

  • Chapter Zero is organised by NEDs for NEDs, this means that non-executive directors have the opportunity to co-create events for the network.
  • Gain priority access to approximately 9 events, including our highly regarded flagship event, where you can connect with other top non-executive directors.
  • Our small scale round tables have 10 participants and we follow the Chatham House rule, allowing us to discuss topics openly in depth. 
  • Receive a discount on our training program with the University of Groningen Business School, called "Effective Climate Governance for Non-Executive Board Members". 
  • Get access to worldwide content from the 50+ Chapters.


Join Chapter Zero as NED

You are also more than welcome to join Chapter Zero without the company membership. Stay in the loop with our exciting upcoming events and receive regular updates on climate change in the boardroom. Elevate your understanding and be part of the conversation that shapes the future. Ready to join the movement? Please send an email to