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Our ambition

Chapter Zero Netherlands is the Dutch Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative, an initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum - a growing community of Non-Executive Directors with chapters in over 50 countries. It helps educate, mobilise and equip boards with the tools they need to lead their organisations to a net-zero carbon economy. It was established to increase awareness of the business implications of climate change; to provide knowledge on the issues, as well as toolkits and frameworks; and to deliver seminars and modules for members, giving access to pools of experts and a network of other board directors. The goal is to ensure high quality and effective boardroom debates and decisions.  ​

The Initiative is formed by board members for board members, under the auspices of World Economic Forum. The members are key influencers in their board roles, and their engagement is vital if companies are going to fully assess their risks, identify and invest in the right opportunities, and develop their own business strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation. ​

Climate Governance Principles

The Climate Governance Initiative supports the establishment of regional Chapters to build a global network of Non-Executive Directors and to promote the implementation of the Principles for Effective Climate Governance.

After launching its first local chapters in 2020, more than 100,000+ board members have joined regional Chapters. This rapid growth shows the non-executive community’s acknowledgement of the increasing urgency of climate change action.

Our Ambitions

To empower and support supervisory board members in the Netherlands on the opportunities and risks of climate change and other planetary challenges and its consequence on corporate businesses. Our goal is to build a large community of supervisory board members who will stimulate and inspire each other to take the desired actions in their own organisations.

We do this through our programs which offer learning opportunities, access to expertise, tailored knowledge and connections with peers. Our content is designed for those who are just starting to engage with climate change in their boardroom, as well as more in-depth activities for those who are more experienced.​